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Marland's Bridge - Sunset, Louisiana

This bridge is the scene of 2 events. On Nov. 3, 1863. There was a union campground just east of it, then it was attacked by the Confederacy. This is called ” The Battle of Bayou Bourbeau” The Confederates were victorious, and manage to capture an artillery piece. Young Corporal Marland then fought off 7 confederates and took his gun back, charging over the bridge back to Lafayette La. He was given a Medal of Honor for his actions there, and the bridge was named for him.

The actual haunting of the bridge has nothing to do with that though. In the early 1900s, a woman was on her way to meet her fiance’ to get married at the nearby church. The congregation waited for hours until they went looking for her. Traveling back to her house, they had to cross Marland’s bridge and found her horse and buggy there. After searching around for her, they discovered her body in Bayou Bourbeau near the bridge.

Years later, people passing over the bridge complain of their radios going on and off, and there are some eyewitness accounts of a girl in a white dress hovering over it. Sometimes, if you park near the bridge at night and turn your car off. She will not hesitate for a visit….

Near Robert Dailey Road and Bourbeaux Dr
Sunset, LA

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