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Ridge Church - Lowndesville,South Carolina

Ridge Church is an old, abandoned church that was used by Satanists for a short time after it closed.  All together, it has four graveyards and a mass gravesite, most likely containing the remains of the many victims of a fire that happened in Lowndesville years ago.  People have reported seeing orbs floating over graves in broad daylight and at night, hearing sermons going on inside the church itself, hearing footsteps inside the church coming from above their heads as though someone is walking around in the bell tower, and even seeing dark figures inside the church moving around.  Many people refuse to enter the church due to a negative feeling they get upon stepping up the stairs and opening the door, as though something is "wrong" with the building.  The inside of the church itself tends to feel freezing cold even during the summer time.


Anonymous said...

Went there last night. Yes, I seen red orbs in the church, and it was cold outside, but HOT in the church..

Anonymous said...

I have been there a few times. My first time there, I snapped a few pics on my digital camera. As I was looking through them at home, I noticed in one picture an outline of what looked like a man with a rifle (possibly a soldier?), and this was in broad daylight. When I uploaded the pictures onto my computer, my computer crashed. My second time there, I was snapping pictures again and caught a ton of orbs (again, broad daylight). The third time there, as soon as I saw the church come into view through the trees, I got this overwhelming feeling of dread, it felt like my chest was going to cave in. I started hyperventilating and yelling at my husband to turn around and leave, please just go. I haven't been back since.

Unknown said...

I was there last night I heard footsteps and a baby yelling. I seen shadows walking around and the church it self was so hot on the in side. I seen eyes glowing in the church but no one was there but me and 2 other people

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