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Old Girard School - Phenix City,Alabama

Girard School used to stand on the south end of Sandfort Road until it was demolished in 1994. Next to the graveyard, which butted to the school, cold spots during the summer and hot spots during the winter can be felt to
observers. Also, several people reported seeing children attending
class in 1930's attire during the late 1980's. Sometimes the school
bell will ring during the middle of the night, but the old abandoned
building has no power.


Hazel Eyes said...

I am wondering if you may know anything about that white old house that sits on Hwy 431. It sits on a hill and is abanded. I would love to learn more about it, but not sure whom to talk to. It's been there for years and years. My friends and myself checked it out back in the summer. That's how I know it's abanded...
Then would you know if anything about the old Phenix City hospital? We also drove up there and I felt something. We didn't step inside. Couldn't get not even one of them to go inside with me. So I didn't attemp to.

lucymedic said...

The place that I work (which will remain anonymous) sits where the Old Girard school once sat. I have myself heard ghostly laughter of children while sitting outside late at night (on a school night). I was unable to locate the source of the laughter.....and I was absolutely alone. I have also experienced the cold spots (during summer time) in the area of the old playground and in the cemetary. Do I believe that it is haunted? Well I cannot say that I have heard a school bell or seen children in outdated clothes attending school, but I do believe that the energy of the children that once played there may still remain. The cemetary however.....could be another story. We have seen shadow figures and strange lights moving around the headstones and around the old dead tree...that we confirmed were NOT flashlights, but we still have not been able to explain them. I too wonder about the old white house on the hill but have never heard any stories. There is also a building on South Railroad Street (not an old one, i don't know the address) that I also personally know is VERY HAUNTED AND VERY ACTIVE, I am currently doning research to find out any stories tied to the land.

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