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Haunted Oakland

In 2005-2006 I was a instructor and security for Salvation Army Adult Recovery Facility in Oakland's downtown, just next to 880 off Broadway. While teaching a 8pm evening class of 12 men in the dining hall , 9 of the men in class pointed out a dark gray shadow in kitchen area, which when I turned around saw as well, shadow was about 6' tall and moved through out kitchen , towards dining hall, back towards dock elevator There was no access to kitchen but from dock elevator (which closed at 6pm) or through dining hall. The light from dining hall well lite the kitchen area , myself and 3 of the guys from class walked through kitchen , down hallway to where elevator was located, elevator was up on out floor and we had to turn on hall / back room lights , yet shadow had disappeared. Being that I was security as well, I would do my rounds throughout facility and every time I passed the dining room, had a feeling that I was being watched. The night desk man claimed he saw shadow and felt as if he was being watched at times while at desk. He even says he had seen shadow by staff offices which are located on separate floor in same building. I returned a few years ago to talk with some of the instructors I knew while I worked there and the sightings still occurring.
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