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Golden North Hotel - Skagway,ALASKA

There are two ghosts that haunt this old hotel. Employees have nicknamed one of them "Mary." They believe she is the spirit of a young lady who died of pneumonia in her room, while waiting for her fiancé to return from a gold-prospecting expedition. She still haunts Room 23, where ghostly images of a woman have appeared and guests have complained of choking sensations in the middle of the night. Room 14 is haunted by a strange "light form" that moves around in the room at night. Nobody knows who, or what, it represents. (Skagway is 100 miles north of Juneau and is most easily accessible by boat or plane. From Whitehorse in the Yukon, follow Hwy 2 south to the town The three-story Golden North hotel has a corner cupola facing Main Street.)
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