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lady ghost on the second level of the hotel

One evening I was upstairs at the small hotel and I wanted to see what was up there so I climbed the stairand went around the hall,there standing was an attractive young lady, in an old fashioned dress, she had a wide lace collar it looked in hind sight like a maids uniform, she was standing next to an old sideboard that is sitting there as you round the hallway, I said "hello" to her as she was quiet and just stared at me  then I looked away embarrassed that she said nothing and  then looked up a few seconds late and she wasnt there anylonger, but where could she have gonein only 2 seconds? later that evening i could hear some very sad and mournful song with a very strange voice female also 
I later enquired about the music and was told no one was up there and the staff knew nothing about it?????? 
So, it seems I had seen an apparition, but on another day went in for lunch, and looked at the old time photos through the years and seems I saw the "lady" in a picture with the same wide lace collar in a photo from the early 1900's, eerrrrrrie!

By Teresa
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