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Haunted House Pigeon Roost rd. - Brush Creek,Tennessee

The house on Pigeon Roost rd. was built in the late 1800's by Thomas William Fuller. Mr. Fuller was an affluent man in the community and former prisoner of the civil war. He built and resided in the house with his wife Mary Elizabeth Gill. Both Mr. and Mrs. Fuller are laid to rest on the property along with a child's grave that is marked with a stone. However who the child is, remains unknown. Many stories and rumors of infidelity and betrayal surround the days and lives of the Fullers. Today the house is believed to haunted. So haunted and active in fact, that there are few family members and friends of the current residents who have NOT witnessed or felt something. It is one of the oldest homes in Smith County TN. and the first to be built in the area. Rumors of it being haunted circulated for many years. Most of the rumors can be substantiated by the homes current residents, the King family. Mrs. King married, divorced and re married. Has lived in the Fuller house for nearly 16 years. The King family have had many experiences that can not be explained. The King family, Mrs. King particularly. Protects the house and it's inhabitants, fervently like a mother protects a child. What makes this haunting unique is that there are so many phenomenas existing at once, residual as well as intelligent. Voices, apparitions, footsteps, breathing, perfume, cold spots, hot spots, scratches, bruises, and a level of comfort by it's spirits, they simply walk throughout the house among the King family, especially their children. Incredible sightings, body apparitions, flashes of light, mist and ever so rare speaking. Not EVP words, full sentences being spoken audibly. This haunting would be ghost hunters dream and by all means a once in a lifetime rare find. But Mrs. King does not allow the house to be subject to anyone, or anything that may bring harm, disrespect or ill intent to her beloved spirits.
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