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Moss Beach Distillery - Moss Beach, California

Moss Beach Distillery

Brief history: During Prohibition in the 1920s, the Moss Beach Distillery in Moss Beach, California became one of the most popular speakeasies on the West Coast when it was known as "Frank's Place," frequented by silent film stars drinking its illegal booze. After Prohibition, the place continued as a successful restaurant, which it remains today. Ghosts: The Blue Lady is the Distillery's most famous ghost and has been investigated by such prominent ghost hunters as Loyd Auerbach as well as the Unsolved Mysteries TV show. According to legend, in the 1930s a beautiful young woman, possibly named Cayte, fell for a piano player of questionable character and they began an affair, even though she was already married. She was killed by an unknown assailant on the nearby beach, and it is thought that her spirit -- dressed in blue -- still searches for her lover. Ghostly activity reported by guests and restaurant staff includes: Sightings of the Blue Lady herself A levitating checkbook Doors that impossibly lock from the inside Mysterious phone calls Disappearing earrings that later show up in one place Glassware moving During his 1999 investigation, Loyd Auerbach reports that he experienced the ghost "walking through" him several times Anomalous magnetic field and temperature changes. Note: The Distillery has various haunting "effects" set up throughout the restaurant, and these were "discovered" in the Ghost Hunters episode about Moss Beach. But as Loyd Auerbach points out in his article, "A Visit Does Not an Investigation Make," he (and others) have written about these effects well before the Ghost Hunters visit, and the genuine haunting activity has been reported and investigated before these effects were installed -- since the 1930s.
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