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Death Town - Linnea Clayton

Sometimes dead is good in the eyes of the inhuman people. In the middle of the metro, death lies everywhere, people dying and I witness everything.
Demons down the stairs, I have no where to, and then I see my friend the albino man and he helped me go outside and I was free for now.
Then I look in to the albino mans eyes and they turn red, then all of a sudden he tries to kill me.
Then I go back to the metro and I befriended a demon named Yuri, he was the only good demon there.
Then after the metro starts shaking and then I start to scream, and maggots start coming out of my skin eating me alive and I don’t know what to?
Then I took a knife to my chest and I start to kill my self, then all of a sudden I became a nasty demon as well.
I started killing other people and I was eating them alive because I had a very bad demonic craving for human flesh. And other people around me started to see that I ate other human people alive with a passion. Then I see I’m on the news and the police are looking for me, but they know they can’t kill a demon.

As days pass by my hunger for human flesh really got worse and I’m a demonic inhuman girl in a human world. Now I’m known as the Red-eyed lady an evil demon girl with a bad craving for human flesh.
Then later on I looked in one of my old mirrors and what I saw in my reflection was really cool my hair turned black and my eyes blood red. I’m a 16 teen year old demon girl eating rotten human flesh.
Then the next day in the metro I see these other demons that are just like me so I decided to become there friends.

The loved me so much I started to notice I was there queen as well. And they started giving me dead bodies on platters and I started to eat them and feed them to the demons of the metro. Them all of a sudden I see a human come in the metro them I ordered the demons to bring him to me. But when they did I took the human man and held him by his neck and I bit some of his flesh, then I tore him apart and he was dead.

As days pass by, and I get stronger, people on the earth were dying out because of me.

As I walk down the street in earth, I noticed I was killing so much, I started to cry blood. As I was still walking, all of a sudden I was a bright light shining in my face, telling me to stop my evil ways.

So I did for now at least. Then the earth started looking alive again and the human started to live in peace.

Then a month later it was all the same I started turning evil again.

Then eating my demonic flesh but I didn’t die I noticed my can regenerate myself. And I ate started to chew on the other demons and they regenerated themselves as well.
The next day I and my demon friends had maggots for dinner. It was so tasty because it smelt and tasted like rotten human flesh.

As years went by and I got older, and now I’m 20 years old, still the Red-eyed lady killing people.

Since I’m twenty years old I will have a demonic party, for all my demon friends. We would play an evil little game. First we trap human on the dance floor in the middle of the party. And when the music stops
We all eat them alive
The game was fun because, I hated humans because they killed are kind back in 1800 hundred when we were very weak. And then the party ended with dead bodies every where.
Then the next day I did my usual, I brushed my teeth and I killed people and ate them alive.
So later on I was walking in the metro and I finally, met a mixed inhuman called the Korn bird.
I fell in love with him because he had an evil twisted heart just like mine. When I married him, he became the king of the demons. And I loved him so with my decomposing bleeding heart.

Since I’m twenty years old I went to demon high school, it was so much fun because at my age I still love to go hyper on the school bus.

I hated human’s everyday; sometimes I would cry blood again down my face, because I wanted them to die so bad, that I had my demon friends eat them alive.
I was happy as well that I had another party to celebrate the death of the human race, most of them at least.
Late at night I started hearing voices in my head to stop eating people alive because I was turning into a monster!
I didn’t care I ignored the voices in my head and I kept on eating rotten human flesh.
Then I walk down the street and I saw all my demon friends eat all the humans in Montreal, and I was proud of them that they knew I was there queen.
I realized the police finally found me, so I gave myself in and I went to jail and I saw lots of human people to eat. And then I escaped out of jails and I ate the cops alive.

And then I took over the world, and I thought no one can stop me, but I was wrong and god got rid of my evil ways, and I thanked him and I became a good inhuman girl in a human world. And I learned to like human as well. And I never ate human flesh ever again.
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