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The Death Maze - Sam Samantha

It was the night of Halloween in Louisiana, everyone was excited, and people were all busy decorating, buying costumes, setting up attractions and parties. Holly and her best friend Kate was at holly’s house making cup cakes, Holly and Kate were both 8 years old and Halloween was their favourite season.
"Tonight is the night." Squeaked Holly,
"Year I can’t wait." Laughed Kate,
"Finished, c’mon lets go get changed." Said Holly.

Holly dressed up as witch and Kate dressed up as a clown. They head out the house to go to the annual Halloween maze, it is always so fun, and it is huge. The race started, everyone raced in hoping to get out first, Holly and Kate would have known the way now, but they changed every year to make it fair, so off they went giggling and screaming at the decorations inside the maze.

Ten minutes later it had gotten dark and most of the children had not made it, Holly and Kate were still full of spirit though, there was screams occasionally piercing their ears and howls with other sound effects. As Holly and Kate sprinted down another corridor Holly had arrived at a t junction but Kate had disappeared. Poor Holly was devastated, she looked around but Kate was gone, Holly was terrified walking the maze by herself, but what scared her most was she could no longer hear anyone scream, it was like she was the only one left.

She had been walking around aimlessly for 20 minutes, when a killer clown jumped out on her, she did not think it was real but it grabbed her tightly around the throat and started to strangle her, Holly could not escape, the clown looked evilly into her eyes then started to tighten his grip, chocking, holly soon died.

Everything went silent, so soon a search party was sent into the maze to recover the lost children, but all was recovered was dead, skinned bodies.
The maze was soon flooded with cops and paramedics, parents were all crying together with sleazy paparazzi trying to make a fortune out of the story.
With all this going on how could the killer escape. But he had one advantage, a costume on Halloween evening, so he ran out of the busy maze unnoticed, into the curios crowd that had gathered. And that was it, he was free, he walked back to his apartment and took all his clown makeup off, he could not wait till next Halloween.


Halloween had come again; he had already planned what he was going to do. He just loved killing children; he wanted to have some fun skinning them again. So he rented a building, and put a vampire costume on. He was going to attract trick or treating kids buy filling the building with sweets, and soon enough children started coming and helping themselves, once there was about five children, he grabbed them and stuffed them into his truck. They were all about ten years old, and in his apartment, he had his fun skinning them alive individually, blood dripped everywhere, good job he wanted to move anyway.

Once all the bodies were skinned, he dragged them back into his truck and took them into the post office, put a stamp on them, and left them on the floor. He made a dash, another successful Halloween evening completed. He pushed open his apartment door to find a dozen policemen pointing their guns up to his head, before he could think he made a run for the elevator, he had a plan. Once the elevator was at the top, he ran down the stairs only until he was out of sight, it was a long shot, but he hoped they would go down the elevator. He was wrong, they came dashing after him, he was going too fast and tripped, he broke his neck.
"It’s a trip to the hospital, then jail for life for you." Shouted the policeman,
And so, they took him away for his future in jail.
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