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Ghost Hunting Equipments & Guide

Ghost hunting can be an expensive or inexpensive endeavor. It all depends how much you want to spend. Investigators have shown significant results with equipment which is very affordable, so don't let pricing discourage you. Truth be told, you can document and detect ghosts and spirits with a variety of items. Of course the more you have the better, but everyone needs to start somewhere.

EMF Detectors

: You can use a compass to detect major magnetic fields, but it is a very difficult process. To detect them correctly and quickly you absolutely need an EMF detector. They come in several varieties. The more expensive the more features and sensitivity. Although you can skimp with $$ on some items, you really can't skimp with an EMF detector. Invest in a good one.

Air Ion Detectors

: If your getting really serious about ghost hunting, EMF detection may not be enough for you. Air Ions are another bi-product of paranormal activity. It is standard to use an Air Ion detector in conjunction with an EMF meter to create a double detection effect. After all, no matter how good your equipment is you will get spikes now and then. Having two different systems makes proof an easier thing to obtain.

Cold Spot Detectors: Ghosts absorb energy around them when they are active. These energies come in many forms. The most common energy form that a ghost uses is simple heat. A ghost will absorb heat to help it manifest which is why people feel cold when a ghost passes them. This is simply the ghost using energy from the room and from our bodies.
Recent advancements in thermometer technology make checking for cold spots simple and cheap. Infrared devices, like those featured here, can digitally read temperatures from remote locations where they are pointed. For instance, if there is a spot much colder than the rest of a room and there is no draft, chances are there is ghost activity. If you aim a detector at a spot and a temp suddenly drops drastically, you know something is happening. You can also use it to verify if a ghost is interacting with a person by seeing if a person's exterior temp drops. By far, this one of the most useful and affordable tools for serious investigations.

Motion Detectors

: Motion detectors are one of the least expensive equipment you can get and are highly recommended. It is affordable because you can build these yourself out of any motionequipment on the market. They all work on the same premise: automatic house lighting, burglar alarms, etc.

It is not certain whether the movement of ghosts themselves can set off motion alarms. That is under debate. However, the actions of ghosts can, such as moving items in rooms, etc. Sprits have their own personality just like the living. Some are aggressive but some are shy and only act when they are left alone. You can't be everywhere but your detectors can.

Night Vision

: Why do we hunt ghostsat night? Its not because they are unpresent in the daytime. Generally, it is because its easier to detect them in dark and quiet conditions,and some say energies they need to materialize are maximized during thenight.

Since you will be hunting in the dark, night vision scopes are important to witness events you might not see and to maintain safety. Although on the expensive side, they are a very good investment and have multiple uses.


: It may seem like a small item, but a compass serves multiple purposes. Of course it may be used to find your way, but it may also be used to detect odd magnetic fields. If you experience an area with activity, look for magnetic fields in the area to zero in on the disturbance.

Although compasses themselves are cheap items we HIGHLY recommend you get a quality compass. Normal, cheap compasses tend to place the needle too close to the bottom of the compass or in a configuration which makes using them impossible if you are on any angle or moving (which you will be doing a lot of) To that end, you need to use a compass that is professional and will work if it is off-balance or shaken. We would also recommend getting both a digital and old fashioned needle version because digital compass detection is different from traditional magnetic detection.


: The most important equipment is that which gives you proof. Visual proof is the ultimate proof. Fortunately many investigators believe that cheaper cameras actually may produce better results. The rationale behind this revolves around the fact that the more error correcting you add to a camera the less likely you are to produce a raw image.

Must Haves:

Colleagues: Don't ever investigate alone. Safety in numbers.

Baby powder

: We call this the drug-store motion detector. Its rare, but it can be sprinkled and used in rooms to record footprints or movement.

: Strong versions with clips that can be attached to your clothing are the best. And remember, bring several. Some may fail. You can also mute strong lights when you need less light by using thin fabric or colored cling wrap.

: Can all your batteries fail? Oh yeah! You can also use smoke in air tight rooms to record odd air movements.

Batteries: As previously mentioned, batteries tend to drain. So take as many as you can.


: Mark evidence and also mark trees and other areas where you might have ventured to help get back. If you are exploring, never contaminate an area with a mark that can't be later removed. If you have to permanently document it, take a picture.

: Record when events happen and coordinate your efforts. Suggest you have two: one wind-up type and one battery powered.

: Make sure you have organized notes and bring a cheap book light so you can write easily.

: If you are in any remote area, make sure to have an emergency link to home. Also, make sure that someone knows where you have gone and when you will return for your safety (although you should never hunt alone).

: Ideally you would like to buy a very quick digital outdoor detector so you can find cold spots as they happen. Normal thermometer sare too slow and won't produce any results.

: If you are in a room that you know has no drafts, you can detect paranormal movement by suspending tissue paper or very thin cloth in air tight areas. You can even very the thickness in areas as a test in itself.
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