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The Hermosa Inn

The Story:
Back in the 1930s, a cowboy/artist named Lon Megargee bought a beautiful patch of land in Paradise Valley. He built a home himself, even making the adobe bricks by hand. To help pay for the house's upkeep, he rented out rooms to travelers. But by 1941, he was forced to sell his "Casa Hermosa" ("Beautiful Home") along with its furniture and most of his artwork. Pictures of Lon, along with much of his original art, still hang in the Inn.

The Haunting:
Lon apparently didn't want to ever leave his home, even after his own death in 1960. The tall, lanky, fun-loving cowboy often appears to guests in his Stetson hat, but never seems to frighten them. Lon is also believed to flush toilets and break bottles and glasses (perhaps during late-night poker games).

By Charlyn Keating Chisholm
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