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The Hay-Adams Hotel

The Story:
Clover Adams was married to the owner of one of the two side-by-side mansions that make up the Hay-Adams Hotel. Henry Adams was finishing the construction of the mansion in 1885 when Clover reportedly took her own life. Although she was occasionally depressed and had just lost her father, people whispered that it may have been a murder.

The Haunting:
During the two weeks of December before the anniversary of Clover's death, she is very active in the house. The fourth floor of the Hay mansion, where the couple resided at the time of her death and where her death took place, is where she is most likely to be heard from. The staff reports locked doors of empty rooms opening and closing, the sound of a woman crying or asking "what do you want?" in an empty room, or being hugged and called by name by an unseen person.
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