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Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, Arizona

The Story:
The ghost in the Hassayampa Inn is named Faith. Faith and her husband checked into the inn in 1927 on their honeymoon. They were to stay in the balcony suite. The husband went out to buy a pack of cigarettes and never came back. Faith waited for three days, then, distraught, hung herself in the room.

The Haunting:
Since that tragic event, there have been numerous sightings of Faith throughout the inn. She has been seen crying at the end of a bed, holding flowers, dressed in a pink gown in the hallway, and disappearing into rooms.

In the Kitchen:
The inn's kitchen staff report that when they feel Faith's presence, all the gas burners on the stove go out. Once, a staff member was mentioning she'd like to go to the library to research Faith's story. The cup of coffee she was holding in her hand jumped and spilled coffee all over her.
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