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Girl of His Dreams

In 1974 in high school, I fell asleep during class and had a strange dream. I saw a beautiful woman of Asian descent standing next to me talking to me in some strange language. She then disappeared like she was being beamed up in "Star Trek" and I woke up screaming, "Who are you?" I started having the same dream on a monthly basis for the next seven years. One day I was in South Korea teaching for the US military. That morning I had the last dream I have had in this series. In this last dream the woman spoke to me in Korean, which I understood by then, saying "Don't worry, I'll meet you soon."

That evening, I stepped off a bus and stood face-to-face with the girl in the dream! I proposed three days later, married her six week later and we have been married almost 20 years. I can't explain how this happened, other than to speculate that we knew each other in a prior life, had some sort of tragic love affair and vowed to meet somehow in the next life. - Jake A.
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