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Faerie Rock

When I was about eight or nine, I went to a Girl Scout camp. I had heard that faeries lived there, but wasn't really sure. There was a rock close to our cabin that we called Faerie Rock. It was covered with many different colors that no matter how hard we would try to wipe them off, we couldn't. There was a large hole that went into the middle of the rock, but we couldn't see the inside. A few of us stuck our heads in there to try to see some things. Some said they saw a head or something, but since all that happened to me was a fantastic smell when I peeked in, I wasn't sure if they were telling the truth. That night, our last night at camp, I was having a hard time getting to sleep. All of a sudden, at around 1:00 a.m., someone else who was awake yelled, "Look! Faeries!" Sure enough, when I looked through the window next to her bed, I saw a group of small lights flying by. They were a bit bigger than fireflies. Seeing that really made me a believer of faeries. - Carrie M.

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