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Coincidental Tunes

My friend and I experienced a very strange coincidence several years back that still has us scratching our heads. She had purchased a new CD - a compilation of songs from the '60s. We went for a drink after work that night and I asked her if we could have the bartender play her new CD on the stereo. She was hesitant because she was afraid we'd forget it, but agreed. Well, of course, we did forget it and when I realized it the next day, I told her I'd call the bar and ask them to hold the disk for me until I could pick it up after work. I called the bar, asked the bartender to look for the CD, and read him the rundown of songs on the disk from the empty case my friend had given me, so it would be easy to locate. He quickly found it and agreed to hold it for me until after work. When I went to pick it up, he handed me the CD - and to my shock and amazement it was the wrong one. This CD had every single song, in the same exact order, as my friend's CD, but they were "covers" by other musicians, not the original recordings of the songs. Isn't that bizarre? - Jean-Chris M.

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