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Cemetery Ghost

My daughter, my husband and I do some charity cleaning with others at a turn-of-the-century cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery. As the men and my daughter were pouring water into a dirty vase, we were talking about eight more graves we needed to really clean that we had just found among bushes and thorns. I then noticed an elderly lady walking slowly toward a grave. It appeared that she was reading it. So I told my daughter to wait there while I went to see the lady. My daughter kept on washing other vases. I started walking toward the grave where I had seen her. As I kept my eyes toward where she was... she disappeared! Etched on the grave she was reading was the name Isabelle. Was it hers? The gravesite was very old and dirty, so I brought over some flowers from the ones I donated and placed them on her grave. One week later, her grave was cleaned again but now with fresh planted flowers! It seemed Isabelle knew that some of her relatives were coming to plant them for her as she wished.
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