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1891 Castle Inn in New Orleans, Louisiana

The Story:
Reports are that a little girl who drowned in the pond behind the house still wanders the grounds. She is often spotted wearing a white dress and is barefoot. She is seen throughout the surrounding neighborhood, presumably in search of her mother. Guests report a feeling of brushing against bare legs (especially women), beds bouncing up and down, and the sound of bare feet running down the hallway.

The Haunting:
Another ghost was a servant who was emplyed as a gentleman's gentleman. He is a light-skinned black man who is known as the "translucent man" because he is often seen out of the corner of an eye or in a glimpse of a mirror. In life, he is known to have been fluent in several languages, loved wine, women and song, and loved pranks. He is curious about technology and will often play with televisions, microwaves, ceiling fans and lights.
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