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Waverly Hills Sanatorium - Louisville, Kentucky

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is an abandoned hospital building that had been built around the year 1924-1926 when America was ravaged by the deadly tuberculosis. Built in the southern Jefferson County the hospital soon became overcrowded as there were loads of patients coming in. Although the hospital was considered the most advanced sanatorium for tuberculosis in those days, the absence of any sure shot cure led to the death of innumerable patients.

The mystery of Waverly Hills Sanatorium still holds interest as the place is said to be haunted. The mysteries associated with the building state that the ghosts of the ill-treated patients still roam about. There have been reports of ghosts being seen, eerie sounds being heard, sounds of doors being banged and lights in the windows seen as if power is still running in the building. Those that have visited the place vouch for the haunted status.

The land and the building where Waverly Hills Sanatorium exists changed hands many times. The once stately building has been described as being haunted and many visitors to the building have claimed to have seen the ghosts. There are stories about a girl running up and down the stairs of the third floor, a woman who had wrists bleeding crying for help, a hearse dropping off coffins from the building, a boy with a leather ball and similar other instances.

Whether or not the place is haunted is still mysterious as one has to see to believe. Those that have visited the place are sure about the Sanatorium being haunted. However those that do not believe in paranormal activities rubbish the claims and state the place has been “haunted” by vandals and anti-social elements that take refuge here. Therefore the mystery of the haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium still stays and interested people are still taking tours of the building to have a first hand experience of seeing a ghost actually.
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