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Water Heater Materialization

I haven't had too many experiences with the spiritual world, but A LOT of people who I know have. There are just a few random things I'd like to share just to see what others think.

I am convinced there is a spirit of some sort living in my Dad's house. He is not sure if there is one or not, but sometimes when he comes home at night, the pictures on top of his T.V. are moved around. He lives alone, so no one else is in the house to move them. Sometimes when I am over there, I will see a flash of light go by for no apparent reason. He sees it to. We don't know what it is though.

This is what scared me more than anything though; A while ago, he needed a new water heater. He had no idea where to get one, what they looked like, what size to get, or anything. He was completely clueless. He racked his brain to figure out what he should get and had no idea. One day, he went in the basement to practice on his guitar (my dad is a musician, and spends most of his time in the basement recording). When he went down there, right in front of him was a water heater. The exact one that he needed! Neither of us have any idea where it could have come from. Again, I say, he lives alone, so there is NO one there who could have done it. He is the ONLY one who has a key to his house.

Also... I am not sure if this is relevant in any way, but the house he lives in used to be a church.
By jessy
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