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Mystery Of The Chinese Man & Chinese Remains

This happened during the seventies. We lived in a house in Brakpan. During the time we moved into a house which along with all the other houses was a new build. Strange things happened in our house. I was in primary school and seven years old at that time. My brother was two years younger than me, and my baby sister at that time only one year old. When I turned nine-my youngest sister was born. We stayed in that house for six years with my mom and dad. This is just a picture of the six years. Since we moved into that house we experienced many strange things.

At night someone would come and sit on the end of my bed. I remembered waking up thinking it was my mother or brother, and when I sat up to see who it was, there was no-one there. I was not scared and got used to this someone sitting on my bed at night. My mother reassured me by telling me it was my guardian angel and I believed her. Sometimes I would hear a small ball inside the cupboard fall, bounced a few times before it stopped bouncing. I ignored it believing that it is my guardian angel like my mother told me. My mother was very scared at times because my father worked shifts and she hated it when he worked night shift. My brother experienced the worst.

He would wake up screaming at night because of a ghost walking down the hallway past his bedroom. He said the ghost was a Chinese man without legs looking at him when passing his bedroom. When this happened everybody was awake in the house with all the lights on. We all anxiously waited for my father to come home from nightshift. As the years went by my brother got used to the china-man in the hallway. He just closed his door and slept with the light on. My mom and dad tried to comfort us by telling us it was our imagination. A couple of years passed by and plans were made to build houses on a huge open field next to the suburb where we lived.

My father was a traffic cop, and in those days the police, traffic cops and even the undertakers knew everything that was going on in town, because they worked together as a team and knew each other very well. When the works started and whilst digging foundations, Chinese remains were found. The remains were dug up and I'm not sure if it they were cremated or buried elsewhere.

The mystery of the Chinese Man in our house or the remains that were discovered was never solved. Nobody knows what happened.

We still wonder about this Chinese man, and I still wonder who sat on my bed, and who played with the ball. We moved to Witbank when I turned 15 years old. That was my first experience with strange happenings but not the last.

By Trix
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