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Cry Baby Bridge In Mississippi

I know, the title makes it sound like this is made up, but this is a true story about a cry baby bridge in Dennis Mississippi. When I was 18 some friends and I were talking about this cry baby bridge. That if you went over it, you could hear a baby crying. My friends who were in their thirties and I being curious, we wanted to go check it out.

So the next day, me and my friends, their 5 year old and 2 year old, and another friend's kids a 8 year old and a 12 year decided to go. When we got to the bridge, you had to get out and climb up on it because they took the road out that went all the way to it. We all climbed up on it.

It had old rusty rails and the bridge was concrete, also had a sign hanging on it, but I can't remember what it said. Anyway back to the story. When we were up on the bridge, we all felt a chill run through us, and it was the middle of summer. We there for about an hour, and nothing was happening so we decided to leave.

As we were turning around to leave, my friend's 5 year old said he heard a baby crying. I went to the end of the bridge where my friend and her husband were, I asked them if Ethan (their little boy) ever heard the story about the bridge and they both said no. So I told them what Ethan had told me, and they asked him he told them the same thing he told me.

He told them that he heard a baby crying, and his dad told him, no he didn't, because there wasn't no baby around. Ethan started crying and said daddy I do hear a baby crying, and it is down there on that rock. He pointed to the rock and it is where it said the baby was supposed to have landed.

So, after he told us all of that we all got in the vehicle and left, and we never did go back there. What I still wonder about all this time could he have seen that baby down there on that rock? Could he have heard the baby crying? I know kids can hear and see things that we can't.

Ethan's mom and dad told me later that day, that they never even talked about the bridge around Ethan, his sister, or the other kids, and the first time Ethan had seen that bridge was that day we went.

It is said that, the woman who threw her baby over the rail, did it because she had the baby, and she wasn't married and it was against her family's beliefs, and the baby landed on the rock that Ethan had pointed to.

Ethan the next day to see if his story would change, that would give us any kind of sign that he was being funny or anything, and he told us the same exact thing that he told us the day before.

I know this didn't happen to me, but I was there and I heard Ethan, and I saw him point to the rock. I even asked Ethan myself, if he had ever heard the story about the bridge and he said no. So you can choose to believe this or not, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I respect that.

By Brownie09
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