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Children See The Darndest Things

I used to baby sit a lot when I was in high school. In our small town, which is consider a Hamlet, there is a huge house in the center of it. Some lady bought it, used it for a bed & breakfast for about 10 years and her family lived there. Her husband was sick and had passed away. A couple years after his death, she sold the house. Then, a military bought the house. I noticed the family outside one day and since it's such a small town, I thought I would go introduce myself to them. They had 3 small children. 3 beautiful little boys who I've become to love and care for very much.

At any rate, I told them that if they ever needed a babysitter I would be more than happy to baby sit for them. They didn't really know anyone in the town and for a while I didn't get a call for babysitting, but the wife who wasn't too off from my age wanted to hang out. So we hung out and while we became great friends, the children got to know me. Her and I were talking and we had a weird feeling. She told me that the house creeped her out and she thought it was haunted. It was an old house and who knows what could have happened in there?! Well, her oldest son, who was only 5 at the time, came into the living room where we were sitting and he said "Mommy... Ashley... do you hear those screams? Mommy help that man" Amanda was scared and she asked her son what man he was talking about and he said "the man at the bottom of the stairs, mommy he's on fire, help him get some water." We were freaked out and didn't know what to do. We went to the bottom of the stairs, and didn't see a man of course. We ignored it.

The very next day we were outside relaxing in the yard and her oldest came to us again and said "Mommy I'm going to go inside and play with the good brothers." We thought he was talking about his two younger brothers so she said "ok." He went inside. But we looked up and the other two boys were playing in the sand box. So I went in the house and saw Jet (the oldest) playing in the toy room and talking loud and laughing! I asked him who he was talking to, and he said "The good brothers Ashley" I ran out to Amanda and I told her that she needed to come in the house. We got freaked out so we started researching the house. We looked in the old barn and there was TONS of papers and information on the house. Apparently there was a fire in the hall (at the bottom of the stairs) and a man died in flames. We got scared so we went to the stairs and we pulled back the carpet that was on the floor and there was a burnt spot. I never had that many chills run through my body! Then the good brother thing seemed like it could have been just Jet's imagination.

We didn't think anything of it... but one day we went up to the loft at the top of the house. There are 3 floors on this house. After the attic, there is a little loft with windows where you can look out to the town. We went up there to look around, one night, and there was tons of writing on the walls... where people had signed the walls and wrote quotes and things. Even writings from way back in the 1890s. We were signing it ourselves and I looked up and above my head I saw "long live the good brothers" there was no way that Jet wrote that. He was only 5 and 3.5 feet tall! We got freaked out and ran downstairs.

Also, in that house there was a hallway that they didn't use because it had 2 extra bedrooms they didn't need. So they shut it off. Well in that hallway there is the washer and dryer. I was washing some blankets for her and I got really creeped out when I walked into the hall. There is one bedroom that is kind of dark and creepy. I went in it before and still felt weird. I usually RAN past it if I had to go to the laundry room. Well I found out about the woman who owned it before. Her husband died in that room. He died of tobacco caused lung-cancer.

And to add to that... 5 days after I found out that he had died in that room, Jet said he heard "Uncle Charlie coughing upstairs and it was bothering him" We asked who Uncle Charlie was and he said "the man that sleeps in the room next to the washer" We got freaked out because that woman's husband's name was Charles. Jet wouldn't know that. We were scared. Needless to say they live in Italy now. ha ha!

Now the superintendent of my old high school lives there. She doesn't have young kids and she says that she hasn't seen anything weird. Tell me what you think...By Ashley_Marie
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