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12:00 Midnight

I was doing my sister's homework because she doesn't like to do it. We were also ready to go to bed, and as usual, my sister went to the bathroom. As I waited for her, I listened to the radio (I play our family radio when going to bed), I heard someone say, "Go out, young girl." I was really spooked and I hid myself under my blanket.

My sister came out of the bathroom and I told her what happened.

As usual, she didn't believe me.

We were ready to go to bed and the radio stopped. I hid myself under the blanket and told my sister to cover herself, too. Then, I realized it was a ghost, probably scaring us for not going to bed early.

I tried to convince myself that no one was there. Suddenly, the plates started to break! As if someone got them all and broke them. I thought my mom was awake and when I checked on her, she was asleep. I was the only one awake now and I saw something blurry and a mist on my closet.

I was so scared and I cried (not so loud), and then I fell asleep.

The color of the mist was GREEN. One of our rooms, when I took a peek in the keyhole, I saw the same color, which is RED. The first time I took a peek there, I just saw something white which sat down.

What is a mist anyway? Is it a ghost?
By spica
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