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Signs of A Haunting


People in the house are having bad dreams.

You hear footsteps, taps on the walls or voices.

Objects are mysteriously disappear only to return later.

Pets react to something others can't see. A dog might be growling at thin air or its hackles may rise. Pets may refuse to go in a particular room.

Electrical appliances and lights turn on or off by themselves. Tap water turns on or off and toilets flush of their own accord. Doors open and close with unseen hands.

Unexplained cold drafts or cold spots can be felt.

Small children talk to people who are not there.

Seeing unexplained shadows, usually out of the corner of your eye. Sometimes the shadows take on a a vaguely human shape.

Feeling as though you're being watched when no one is there.

Feelings of being touched or something brushing past - a gentle poke, push, or nudge.

Noticeable changes in temperature. Cold spots are most often reported.

Unexplained smells such as distinctive perfume or foul odors that have no explainable source.



In mirrors

On staircases

Peering out of windows.

Perched in chairs.

In hallways
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