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Imperial Valley Arts Council - El Centro ,California

The Imperial Arts council formerly the old Post office Pavilion now head of the Imperial Valley Arts Council. This building is located on the center of the city of El Centro between the 5th and Brighton streets. The building has a beautiful architectural baroque Italian renaissance construction style built back in 1920 housing the valleys local cultural events. A wide 800 square foot basement is found underneath housing possibly a ghost or unexplained disturbance according to the buildings employees whom claim at that at early evenings loud noises are heard from the basement like slamming of doors regardless they are fastened with heavy sand bags impossible to be "opened" and scratching noises on walls. It is claimed also that these disturbances may be the cause of hearing the tapping sound of an old typewriter as well. This would be a interesting story to inv estigate to prove its authenticity and determine if there is a haunting or if it is a poltergeist. The building is recorded as one of the most historical buildings in the state to be served.
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