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Imperial Historic Cemetery - Imperial ,California

If you go out there late at night, you get the feeling of being watched, It Feels so much colder once you enter the grounds, there are really weird warm and cold spots in the graveyard, seems kind of unnatural. It makes you want to leave right away. Stories of people taking photo's out there and getting weird lights in them. Also of a monk like figure by the entrance. Sometimes 1 to 3 shadow hooded figures, are seen late at night by the front entrance to the left by the brick triangle, there are cold spots in the same area. You get a eerie feeling of impending doom and of being watched and not being welcomed. Weird lights have been seen there floating across the graveyard from greenish blue to fire like red. A flame like mist has been seen coming out of grave sights and then going back into the ground. Camcorders sometimes turn off even though fully charged. It is very unsettling.
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