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Ghost City Inn - Jerome, Arizona

The Ghost City Inn, like many haunts in Jerome, Arizona lives up to its reputation with a spirit or two lurking behind its historic façade. Originally the building was built as a boarding house for middle mine managers, but over the years has seen a variety of uses. Later, it became a private residence for the Garcia family who owned it for more than fifty years. The building also served as a restaurant, a spiritual retreat, funderal home, and art gallery over the years.

However, in 1994, the building underwent a major restoration to turn it into the Bed and Breakfast that it is today. Though the building is a peaceful respite, Jerome tourists are allegedly not the only ones who enjoy its ambiance.

Allegedly, the historic building is said to remain home to a female spirit who is most often seen in the Cleopatra Hill room. Another male spirit has been spied in the hall outside the Verde View Room. Other unusual things occur at the inn, including doors slamming shut by themselves and spectral voices heard when no one is in the building.
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