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Adorable Poodle Salon - Fresno ,California

This shop had a lot of poltergeist activity when she was there. Large heavy plants that needed two people to move would be moved when the owner arrived in the morning, when no one but her had access to the shop. She hired a young woman to wash dogs for her and the "entity" really took a liking to her. One day my mother was taking a break when she noticed this girl working on a dog and periodically brushing her hand away from her neck as if shooing away a pesty fly. The owner watched for a while as she continued to do this, not seeing anything there, when suddenly, quite annoyed, this girl said, "would you please knock it off?!" The owner asked her what was wrong and she replied, "Your damn ghost won't stop kissing me on the neck!" It stopped kissing her after that. The owner reported cold spots, lights on and off, doors opening and closing by themselves and a general feeling of being watched when alone in the building.
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