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Winnipeg / The Walker Theatre - Manitoba,Canada

Eerie experiences have taken place here. Mysterious applauding in tiers of seats, which are unoccupied at the end of a performance sometimes, is heard. Steel doors close on their own they weigh at least a couple hundred pounds,and when a reporter did research in the theatre with a well known
psychic in the night they set up a tape recorder for a few hours only
to find they couldn't hear anything...until they played the tape back
to hear loud banging sounds and hammering, footsteps across the floor
to and from the tape recorder then more towards the tape recorder
sounding like somebody was whispering "please" into it....this tape
would play sometimes but other times appear blank...dressing room doors
that were supposed to be closed would be opened the next time the guard
would make his rounds. The wedge of wood he had used to prop open the
doors would appear to be kicked out...the guards dogs would
mysteriously bark at the air and be by his side all night, Which was
unusual because they were very outgoing dogs. The suspected presence is
said to be maybe acting team Laurence Irving and Mabel Hackney who died
in 1914 less than a week after performing at The Walker.
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