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White Screamer - White Bluff, Tennessee

In this small town of White Bluff,there’s a famous hollow where the White Screamer dwells. No one knows exactly what it is or its origin. It’s said to be a white mysty form that wails and cries and screams enough to make any person go insane, thus gaining its title of “The White Screamer”. It has also been noted that if one ventures to the spot where they might’ve seen the White Screamer, the grass will be burned away. Alledgedly, around the 1920’s a young man built his family of a wife and seven children a home and farm down in the hollow, and every single night they’d wake up to the sound of this awful crying and screaming. So, finally, after this young man has had enough, he grabs his shotgun and runs out into the night off to find whatever beast is making this awful noise. He climbs to the top of one of the surrounding hills to see if he can spot it, and then hears the sound of screaming… only it’s the voices of his family and children. By the time he can climb down this hill and get back to his house, he finds his whole family dead.. and pieces of their body thrown around on the ground and the floors of the house. You can still drive down into the hollow and see the foundation of the house and graves of the members.
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