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Vancouver / University of British Columbia / 16th Avenue West - BC,Canada

It is said that a woman was left on the road by her boyfriend because the two had an argument. It was raining and no public transit was present then. The woman was walking and hitchhiking east on 16th Ave. West when she was struck and killed by a motor vehicle, soon after her funeral reports of a young woman hitchhiking was reported to the police and some even try to pickup and try to help her from getting home and to keep her dry from the Vancouver rain. If a driver is accompanied by a passenger and offered the hitchhiker a lift home she would just ignore them and continue walking, and if a lone male driver stops and offers the hitchhiker for a ride she would not hesitate and jumps in the rear seat, the driver would then ask the hitchhiker where home is and of course there would be no answer, because the woman is not there.
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