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University of North Alabama Area - Florence ,Alabama

Weslyan - Haunted by a civil war general's son. He drowned when he jumped head first into Cypress Creek from the old one lane bridge on Waterloo Road, a couple of minutes from campus. His wet footsteps can be seen at night.

Off Campus Bookstore - In the late 30's or early 40's, a young girl named Molly lived in the building with her parents. For her eleventh birthday, her parents bought her a puppy. Soon, her puppy contracted rabies and bit her hand. Within a week, Molly died. Her ghost has been seen many times in the upstairs window, looking down.

Norton Auditorium - Haunted by a ghost named George, who was a construction worker helping build the auditorium some time ago. He fell from a scaffold to his death. He has been heard walking on the catwalk and various other things are heard as well.

Guillot University Center - Before it was built, a dorm for girls stood in its place. What is now UNA used to be Florence State Teacher's College. In
the early 1900's, a student at the college who lived in the dorms was said to have a secret that stressed her out so much, that she hung herself from the elevator shaft in the tower of the building. No one knew what her secret was or why she felt she had to kill herself.Later, security guards in the building would hear noises that sounded like a swaying body hanging from a rope. Now the Guillot Center stands in its place and noises are still heard on the second floor.
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