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Tuttle Lake - Wild Rose,Wisconsin

It has been told that before the property became a campsite for children and teenagers for summer vacations, the lot was owned by a farmer and his wife. It is known that the farmer went crazy when he found out that the wife was pregnant, so he drowned her in the lake, and the farmer was never seen again. Recently, two counselors from the campsite went to check on a missing camper out in the woods at night, and ran into what was an extremely bright light where they describe that they "couldn't see a thing." They said they had no choice, but to turn around because the light was blinding, and as they turned around they saw a woman run away from them. The counselors start running in a different direction...a direction that lead to the only tent on the campsite, but when they started running for the tent, they realized they couldn't find it. So, they both turned around to look and see where exactly they were when they noticed that the tent was in fact right behind them...the weird thing about this is, is that in order to end up in front of the tent, you have to cross a road, which the counselors themselves told me they "Never, ever crossed." One counselor said "We were running and running as fast as we could, and then we found ourselves in front of the tent which is impossible unless you cross the road...which we did not." Strange indeed, and it has been told that investigators had found the pregnant farmer's wife in the lake, and buried her underneath the campground. Still today, the lady remains underneath the site in body, but in soul she remains on earth. Watch out carefully for her as you visit this site.
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