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St. Louis / The Phantom Light - Saskatchewan,Canada

There is a turn onto a gravel road off the highway going towards Prince Albert just outside of St. Louis. Then there is another turn onto a dirt road that used to be railroad tracks. There was a terrible derailment there in the 50's. If you go there at night you see a train's headlight coming toward you. There is also a swinging lantern that sometimes appears. There are many stories to go along with this particular haunting! A long time ago there used to be trains running through that particular spot. They say a man was working on a train and was killed. Other people say there was a massive crash and the train hit a car killing 2 parents and little boy. The driver felt so guilty he killed himself. He now walks the train tracks. You can actually see the light coming, and feel cold spots. Some people claim it is the light of the train, others say it is the lantern light of the conductor that was killed on the tracks (which are no longer there,however you can still see where the tracks once were) A book that was published in the 1970s has an interview of a woman who, at the time,was in her eighties. She remembers going on horseback when she was
young to see the light. She does not believe that it is car headlights
(as many 'doubters' say it is) because at the time she, her friends,
and sisters went, there were no automobiles in the area at that time.
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