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Spry Cemetery at Dry Branch Hollow/Lambert - Harts,West Virginia

A woman by the name of Dixie V. Counts is buried in this cemetery beside her still born infant. The baby’s name is Charlie and he died along with his mother during labor. On a full moon, the dates of their death can be clearly seen and Dixie can be seen rocking her baby. The both of them appear in white gowns and seem to be crying. There is also a legend about the devil appearing to a man on the foot bridge of this cemetery during the 1950’s. The devil challenged the man to a fight because he was mean to his family and neighbors. The man had even claimed just the day before that he was mean enough to whip the devil himself. When he said to the devil, "Come over here to the road, and I will fight you," the devil replied, "You know who I am and I cannot cross running water." With wicked laughter, he disappeared. The next day, a boy was walking with the man who had been challenged by the devil. He went to the bridge and found cloven goat hoof prints branded into the wood of the bridge.
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