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Satan’s Seat - Livermore,Pennsylvania

Reports of a phantom house, that disappears. From legend and research the place was a town in the 1800's. There was a witch living amongst the people and they burned her alive, as she died she placed a curse of flood on the place and death on the people. On the anniversary of her death there was indeed a great flood, burying the entire town and people in it alive. if you park your car near the gates at night, a train going across the only way out,blocking you in for an hours worth of demon faces in your windows,howling screeching sounds, corpses trying to get at you, and the like.(Remember, in actuality the corpses are still underwater in the town,
never recovered). You can actually walk thru this place (beware, there
are wild dog packs throughout) and good luck not getting lost. If the
waters low enough, you can see the tops of chimneys and houses during
the day. Pay close attention to what you hear; sounds even in the
daytime are unexplainable and for added fun, try the cemetery off to
the left for gravesites of those who died before the flood. Not
recommended for Any child, the place is dangerous. And don't drive thru
there, you will get fined at least $500.For more information check out
the Westmoreland Historical Association, and look up Livermore. It's
all there in black and white. And yes, the "Livermore Cemetery" sign is
the original that was used in the black and white version of Night of
the Living Dead.
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