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Point Defiance Park / The Pagoda - Tacoma,Washington

The Pagoda used to be the trolley terminus at Point Defiance in the early part of the 20th century. The building was remodeled and is now rented out for weddings/parties. Visitors, workers, and the Police have reported
hearing footsteps made with hard soled shoes walking around the
building after dark. The footsteps seem to be walking down the stairs
on the east side of the building, then abruptly stop. Sighing can be
heard at other times and there are cold spots in the storage area below
the building. A tale has been told about a young newlywed couple during
the 1920's. The husband and wife would catch the trolley to Point
Defiance and the husband would see his wife off for the day to visit
her parents on Vashon Island. Small groups of boats would shuttle
people to the island for a fee. The husband would return in the evening
to meet his wife. As the small launch she was riding in approached the
Boathouse area, it took on water. Many people were thrown overboard in
the confusion and the husband observed with his pocket spyglass his
wife flailing in the water in her heavy period clothes as she went
under. Overcome with grief, he walked down the stairs to the marbled
restroom, pulled out a small pocket pistol and shot himself in the
head. It is said it is his ghost that haunts the Pagoda.
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