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Point Defiance Park / 5 Mile Drive - Tacoma,Washington

In the late 1980's a 14 year old girl named Jennifer B disappeared while
riding her bike in the park. Her body was later discovered and her
killer was never caught. Late at night the sound of a bicycle can be
heard around the 5 Mile Drive. Several years later a couple flagged
down a Park Police officer and admitted she had been driving on the
drive after the park was closed. She said as she was rounding the turn
by the Narrows viewpoint, she observed a young girl standing next to
the side of the road with a light colored bicycle. She pulled over and
her boyfriend got out to ask the girl if she was okay, since it was
late and the park was closed. The boyfriend screamed and jumped back in
the car and kept screaming at her to go. As she was leaving, in the red
tail lamp glow, she saw the girl vanish. The boyfriend was shaking and
later told her the girl had no eyes but was smiling at him. Several
other people have said that they have seen a girl riding alone near
dusk and whenever they stop or look back at her, she vanishes.
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