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Peterkin Religious Retreat / Gravity Hall - Romney,West Virginia

Back in the early 70's, a black preacher died of a heart attack in his room while getting up to use the bathroom. His wife didn't discover this until the morning. Ever since then, the piano upstairs plays music. As soon as you open the door to walk up the stairway, you can hear the stairs creaking as he comes down to greet you. When you walk up the stairs, you can hear him following you. You can hear talking behind several of the closed doors. Cold spots can be felt. Doors sometimes open and shut. You can feel his presence behind you as he watches you go about your business. (My mom used to work here, cleaning the rooms after guests stayed there. He would sometimes follow her, watch her, and sometimes play the piano while she was there.) Guests have reported odd happenings, but they do not fear him. If you ask him nicely to leave you alone, he will go about his business.
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