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Oakville / Lion's Valley Park - Ontario,Canada

This park is a giant valley flanked on either side by three very old cemeteries one being on a church ground from the early 1800's and an abandoned village from the early 1800's. Empty caskets have been discovered in the valleys of the park due to erosion of the valley walls. Sightings have included flashes of white, red, and green "orb like" lights in bushy areas that are too thick for any person to be in. Human like white misty apparitions "running" along bush lines and circles around a certain tree. Flashes in the air filling the sky like lightning although there were no clouds or wind to suggest a storm. People in the area have claimed to get a feeling of nausea and an overwhelming feeling of "just wanting to leave the park" when ever an apparition was observed. Sightings here are EXTREMELY frequent by MANY people. Sightings are always after dark.
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