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Kmart #7625 - South Los Angeles ,California

There are reports of ghostly happenings in the stock rooms of this former Zody's.It is believed that a double murder/suicide took place somewhere in the upstairs stockroom. Apparently, a couple worked together for Zody's and
the boyfriend caught his girlfriend in a compromising situation with
another male employee. The enraged boyfriend located a box cutter and
slashed the two to death. He then slashed his own wrists and carotid
artery. After several reports from employees of unusual activity, Kmart
headquarters in Michigan has admitted to hiring paranormal/paraphysical
investigators to conduct investigations into the incident. The
conclusion was that indeed the building was occupied by several
spirits. The investigators concluded that four different spirits dwell
throughout the building. The fourth has not been linked to any known
incident that may have occurred and thus is unknown for its presence.
Kmart has remained quiet on the findings of this investigation and
resources revealed that employees of this store are not advised of this
activity. Prior to changing over to Kmart, Zody's employees reported
seeing a man walking about in the stockroom. A woman is also seen
running and sometimes screams are heard. In one case, an overnight
employee sustained a 7 inch laceration while working in the stockroom.
Zody's management insisted that the incident was just an accident
caused by falling boxes that were stacked too high, but resources close
to the victim tell another tale. A paring knife mysteriously came
across the room and cut the employee across the chest. No one was seen
in the area. The victim survived his wounds, but obviously resigned
from the company. Sightings and sounds have been reported throughout
the years, but no one else has been physically attacked since.
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