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Killough Monument - Jacksonville,Texas

The history of Killough Monument involved the Killough Family who settled
there and built a home. Eventually Indians came along who wanted to
take over their land and massacred the family, and destroyed their
home. The monument was supposedly built in the same place the house was
located, with the graves of the family members surrounding it. The
monument itself is a brick pyramid formation on a concrete foundation.
The foundation is approximately 4 feet tall and the pyramid is about
15-18 feet from the ground to the top. On top of the foundation there
is 4-5 inches from the edge, to where the bricks begin. On the south
side of the monument, the second layer of bricks from the top, which
was 3 bricks side-by-side, with bricks surrounding the top and bottom,
the center brick is missing. Since this monument is the same formation
on four sides, not sure if it is hollow or not, believed to be nearly
impossible for any human to remove that brick.
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