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Karlsteine / Charlemagne's Stones - Osnabrueck-Haste ,Germany

Ancient pagan place of worship. Several large tumuli and menhirs (standing stones). When Emperor Charlemagne brought the Christian faith to this part of Germany he single-handedly smote and destroyed one of the biggest altar stones,thus proving the supremacy of Christ over the "old gods". The place has remained a spot of witchcraft activity and strange rituals, especially
around winter solstice and summer equinox. Several sightings of strange
orbs, disembodied howls, and stains on the stones. There are reports of
the "wild hunt" going by around midnight. This ghostly army rides the
night sky, led by the spirit of Charlemagne himself. Legend says that
anybody accidentally witnessing them rush by should cover his eyes and
step aside in a gesture of humility. Nasty things are said to have
happened to those who did not make way or tried to sneak a look.
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