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Indiantown Gap / Hotel Road - Lebanon County,Pennsylvania

In the current state game lands just North West of Indiantown Gap, by Hawk Watch Mnt. Used to be the site of a summer hotel for the rich in the early
1800's.  Through its years it didn't make much money, the owners
closed down the hotel for it to later be bought and remade into a
boyscout camp.  The hotel suffered a horrifying fire and the
majority of the residents inside of it burned to death.  Just up
the hill from the hotel is an old abandoned railroad bed.  Along
this railroad bed, from the 1600's to late 1800's early 1900's, sat a
multitude of mine towns.  One such mine town, about 3 miles from
the hotel, was named Raush Gap.  It had a population of about
1,000 people.  This mine town house a family who's only job was to
switch the tracks for the trains.  The man in the house fell ill
and died, and during a time of morning his wife forgot to switch the
tracks.  This lead to a horrific train accident killing upwards of
250 people.  When the wreck was all cleaned up and the bodies
buried in a, yet undiscovered because its hidden in the woods behind
the current standing cemetery, mass grave.  The towns people
turned on the woman for not doing her job and were on their way to
lynch the woman.  To their dismay they did not find her, at least
not alive, the woman had thrown herself in front of a moving train
killing her instantly.  To this day the part of the tracks where
the wreck happened you get a heavy feeling of pain on your chest, it is
hard to breath, it is always about 20 - 30 degrees cooler than anywhere
else.  You can hear the train whistle, and it is stated that you
will see a figure of a woman holding a lantern, the lady with the
lantern, roaming the tracks, seemingly looking for the train she once
lost.  And if she sees you she will rush towards you and if she
passes through you, you will die in a car accident that will look like
you were hit by a train.
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