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Independence High School - San Jose ,California

In the large theater there is a presence named "George". Legend has it he fell off one of the catwalks while working. Now his spirit haunts the theater. Lights switch on and off during presentations done for students, seats pull down and come up when no one is sitting next to you, and if alone in the theater practicing for a show, "George" loves to play lighting
tricks on you. Fact is no one has ever died in that theatre. No Janitors are ever allowed to go up there nor do they have reason too.
The history however, behind George is he has been ever present since
the has been built. No one really knows where he comes from or what the
history of the land is or anything...though there is a basic story that
does float around. So far our George has three figures...The first
being there was the business like man figure that was standing up
against the wall. The second time George appeared, it was to the actors
- [techs never saw him that night] however actors kept complaining
about a little boy running around backstage trying to catch his toy
ball. The last sighting that has happened was about a year ago witnessed by 2 people who where alone in the building. It was of a very large man and he sat down and filled up the aisle of the house ...which is about 2 and 1/2 to 3 feet wide. A week later after seeing this one of the witnesses was in the lighting booth. and reports.
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