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Heritage Park Museum - Corpus Christi,Texas

There are four houses that are haunted. In one (Sidbury House) a Child
supposedly haunts the children's room by playing with the dolls and
moving stuff and knocking things down. In another (The Galvan House) a
ghost is said to tap unexpected people on the shoulder a on the second
floor and someone once heard footsteps leading up to the attic. In
another house(A restaurant named The Christian House Bistro there have
been reports that at night a lady with a long old fashioned dress and a
big hat and shoes is seen walking into the front door and disappearing.
People have only seen the backside of her. Then in another house ( The
MacCambell House) a ghost named Mary, who died of pneumonia, is said to
not let tour guides in the house or to cause noises or if you go on the
patio on the second floor she has locked tour guides out on the porch
by slamming the door shut then locking it so all you have to hope for
if you get locked out is that you can wave somebody down and they'll
come help you.
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