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Fort St. James / Vander hoof / Chinlac Massacre site - BC,Canada

Back in the 1780's there was a group of Natives camped at the junction of the Stuart and Nechako rivers in Central BC. The men went out down the river hunting and the women and kids stayed back at camp to berry pick and tend the camp. A war party of Chilcotin natives from further south came up the rivers to the camp and massacred all the women and children, even going as far as cannibalizing some of the corpses. The story goes that the men came back to their camp, found their families slaughtered and went out for revenge. The site even today has a very cold creepy feeling to it. You can only get to it by boat or float plane, but the area still does not seem to support any vegetation around where the massacre occurred, and canoeists have tried to camp overnight at the site and most of them had to leave in the dark down the river. People who have visited the site to do archaeological studies have even reported feeling very uneasy and frightened. This is an actual site in the provincial archives, and their is numerous evince to support the massacre actually happening. It can be found on the BC Ministry of Forests recreation maps for the Vanderhoof Forest District.
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