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Conn Barracks - Scwheinfurt ,Germany

Site of an old Nazi hospital, psyche ward, and Nazi dining facilities that are used as barracks for U.S.Army soldiers. Two seperate occasions occured at least two years apart where two people unknown to each other used the same room and had the same haunting dream.The soldiers were asleep in their beds,in a room right above what they at the time did not know was a drainage room(what they used to do with the bodies before there was embalming) A Nazi soldier standing over their bed looking down at them and making comments to a nurse that is standing beside him covered in blood. She has a sad face. The Nazi orders the nurse to do something which is
spoken in German so the soldiers did not know what was said and the
nurse then chokes the us soldier who then wakes out of the dream. These
two soldiers never met before they confessed their story and swear the
truth behind the stories. Other rumors are of an anti-abortionist woman
who carries around a fetus in the hallway.
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